Presale ticket : 47.- excl. ticket fee at
Free entry for +30

Eventhalle Erstfeld
Breiteli 24 - 6472 Erstfeld

- von Luzern ca. 30min
- von Zürich ca. 1h
- von Bellinzona ca. 1h
- von Basel ca. 1h 10min
- von Bern ca. 1h 30min
- von St. Gallen ca. 1h 50min
- von Milano ca. 2h
- von Lausanne ca. 2h 30min

Car: Highway A2 (Direction St. Gotthard/Italy)
- Exit Erstfeld - Follow the sign

Shuttle Bus Service from Trainstation
Erstfeld to Location !!!

Bustravel :

Airfire Productions
Bustravel from Switzerland - Departs:
Bern, St.Gallen, Zürich
- - Tel. +41.792911146

Bustravel from Switzerland - Departs:
Geneva and Lausanne

RND Promotion

Bustravel from Ticino and Italy
Giuly +41.793225587 +41797932662
Randy +39.330235474 -

Gabber Italia
Bustravel from Bologna
Daniele Ufo +39.333 3736896

More than 2000 m2 dance area, Videowalls,
Lasershow, Food corner, Open Air Zone,
Special Deko and Special Shows

The biggest online hardcore radio will host a Hellraiser Switzerland Special wednesday february 29 . The live show is from 19:00 till 21:00 and will be hosted by dj Distortion (Rotterdam Terror Corps), Offensive dj Team (Beatstream & Radiate), mc Rtsier and guests. Check out for more information.

hellraiser on twitter